Safeguarding Supervision


Safeguarding Supervision

Safeguarding supervision is important for ensuring the safety of at risk adults and children. Staff providing safeguarding supervision should have appropriate training and be identified as competent and confident. Some groups of staff should have regular, planned, protected time and space for safeguarding supervision. For one-to-one safeguarding supervision, there should be a written agreement that explains the purpose of the supervision and the roles of the supervisor and supervisee. A written record should be kept of each session.

Here at CQC Total Solutions we offer this support to your safeguarding lead and your deputy. This is usually done every 2 months, though the frequency can vary depending on the amount of safeguarding you do.

Safeguarding Level 4

Safeguarding is a key area. It ensures that we keep people safe from harm or abuse. Here at CQC Total Solutions, we offer various levels of support to your team. Our level 4 support will provide advice on how to improve the systems you have. They will also assist you in dealing with any difficult cases and be available for advice calls from your senior team and safeguarding lead.

Safeguarding Level 5

Safeguarding level 5 ensures that safeguarding is embedded throughout the organisation. It looks at how it links to your strategic objectives. Our service will increase the knowledge of your Board or senior team. It will exceed the levels required by the CQC, which is obviously evidence of good practice. We will assist in improving your policies and procedures.

Safeguarding Level 5 is closely linked to the CQC well led domain. A session from one of our team will be enlightening, as it is an interactive session.

We will also assist you in any complex cases you have to deal with.