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Future of CQC Compliance: Explore CQC Total Solution's cutting-edge platform. Real-time updates, comprehensive checklist, expert insights. Simplify complexities, focus on exceptional patient care.

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Effortless Compliance: Empower Your Practice with Tailored Policy Templates

Streamline CQC compliance with our tailored policy templates. Expertly updated, they ensure seamless adherence to regulations, saving you time and effort while maintaining the highest standards.

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Unleash CQC Compliance Success: Get 2 Months Free Trial of Our Comprehensive Platform!

Great news! To empower healthcare providers on their journey towards seamless CQC compliance, we are thrilled to offer a special promotion. Sign up now and enjoy a 2-month free trial of our comprehensive platform. Experience the benefits of tailored policy templates, real-time updates, and expert insights, all with no commitments. Join us at CQC Total Solutions and simplify compliance today!

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CQC Total Solutions has been a game-changer! Their comprehensive platform simplifies CQC compliance, covering all aspects flawlessly. A must-have for healthcare providers.

Sarah M.

CQC Total Solutions truly cares about their clients. Their platform is thorough, user-friendly, and the best ally in navigating CQC compliance.

Jessica R.

CQC Total Solution's platform is a must-have for healthcare providers. It's like having an experienced CQC inspector at your side.

Matthew S.

Thanks to CQC Total Solutions, CQC compliance is no longer a headache. Their platform covers everything, making it easy to stay compliant.

Sophia G.

Be CQC Compliant Without The Headache

Your All-in-One Portal for Comprehensive CQC Compliance

Our state-of-the-art dashboard puts audits, policies, HR documents, and patient feedback at your fingertips, bolstered by robust analytics for astute decision-making. Receive unwavering support from our team of former CQC inspectors, right from pre-inspection preparation to post-inspection guidance, ensuring your journey towards compliance is never alone. Our job is to make your life simpler.

user-friendly interface
user-friendly interface

Our Compliance System Offers

Compliance Tracking

Keep track of all necessary compliance documentation and status updates in one place. This feature ensures you're always prepared for any audits or inspections.

Policy Development / Templates

Simplify the process of policy creation and management with our built-in policy development tools and templates. Ensure compliance, maintain consistency, and keep your team on the same page.

Dynamic Organizational Structure

Visualize your team's structure in a simple, intuitive interface. Our system lets you see the bigger picture of your organization, helping to clarify roles, responsibilities, and reporting relationships.

Robust Reporting

Our advanced IT system provides you provides detailed reports and analytics that provide insights into compliance status and areas for improvement. Make data-driven decisions more efficiently than ever before. Stay informed with automated email and sms notifications that keep you updated on crucial findings and progress.

Document Sign-offs

Facilitate the approval process with our document sign-off feature. Track who has reviewed, who approves, and who is next in line for any document, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Appraisals & Clinical Supervision

Our IT solution offers a robust system for performance appraisals, ensuring a standardized and fair evaluation process. The in-built clinical supervision tools provide a platform for the ongoing professional development of clinical staff. This feature allows supervisors to monitor, guide, and provide constructive feedback to their team, promoting high-quality patient care and continued professional growth.

IT System

Our innovative IT system offers a powerful compliance dashboard that allows businesses to perform and keep track of audits, policies, HR documents, and patient feedback collection. With an easy-to-navigate interface, you can access in-depth analytics and statistics on your organization's performance, enabling informed decision-making. Additionally, our platform features automatic notifications to ensure you stay up-to-date and maintain compliance with CQC regulations.

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HR Support (Remote)

Managing human resources can be a complex task. Our remote HR support service is here to help. We provide guidance on HR policies, procedures, and best practices, helping you manage your team effectively and in compliance with employment laws.

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Counter-fraud Assistance

Protect your organization from potential fraud with our counter-fraud assistance service. We provide guidance and tools to help you establish robust fraud prevention measures, ensuring the integrity and security of your operations.

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Freedom to Speak Up Guardian

Encourage a culture of openness in your organization with our Freedom to Speak Up Guardian service. We provide support and guidance to help you establish systems that encourage staff to speak up about any concerns, ensuring issues are addressed promptly and effectively.

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IPC Support

Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) is crucial in healthcare settings. Our IPC support service provides you with the necessary guidance and resources to implement effective IPC measures, helping to ensure the safety of your patients and staff.

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Caldicott Guardian

Handling patient information requires careful consideration. Our Caldicott Guardian service provides guidance on the lawful and ethical handling of patient information, helping you maintain patient trust and comply with data protection regulations.

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Safeguarding Supervision

Safeguarding vulnerable individuals is a key responsibility in healthcare. Our safeguarding supervision service provides ongoing support and guidance to help your organization fulfill its safeguarding duties effectively.

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Investigation Support for Serious Incidents

The investigation of serious incidents is something that is quite rare. Here at CQC Total Solutions we have a team of trained investigators who will be able to conduct these for you. We will write reports, recommendations and action plans, if required.

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Meet the CQC Total Solutions Team

Discover our dynamic team at CQC Total Solutions. Our diverse backgrounds in healthcare, regulatory affairs, and technology enable us to provide you with a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet your unique needs. Our goal is to simplify the compliance process, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional patient care. With our expertise and passion for healthcare excellence, we are here to support you every step of the way on your journey to compliance success.


Rachael Foot

Company Director

Freedom To Speak Up Guardian, Caldecott Guardian, Safeguarding Level 5, Governance specialist. Rachael was the FTSU Guardian in a large NHS Trust before joining the private sector. Rachael is Guardian for many private sector organisations. She has many years of governance experience in various sectors of healthcare. Rachael also carries out culture reviews of organisations.


Michael Huddart

Company Director

Michael was a former senior manager in the NHS. He worked as a specialist advisor to the CQC for many years. He is an expert in all aspects of governance at Board level. He is safeguarding level 5 trained.


Katherine Williams

Governance Lead South

Katherine has many years experience as a regulator. Katherine was a CQC inspector, Inspection Manager and acting Head of Hospital Inspection. Katherine has senior level expertise in many fields, such as IPC and Safeguarding.


Bridgette Hill

Governance Lead North

Bridgette was a CQC inspection manager before joining us in January 2023. Bridgette has worked in enforcement and registration for the CQC. Bridgette is an expert in services that have been issued with an NOP or NOD, or other enforcement.

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